Mock tests at Cultura

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you do various mock tests before sitting the real test. They will give you a real sense of what the test is like.

Come to Cultura Inglesa (downtown, Copacabana, Santa Maria) every Friday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Listening tests must be scheduled beforehand as they are usually done in groups. If you can`t come on Friday, don`t worry - ask if there is any other available day you can come. If there isn`t, don`t panic yet - do the online tests which you can find on this website further down. Also remember that your Exam Booster has a mock test on pages 134 - 155.

You can learn from these tests. Write down interesting vocabulary or expressions that you come across and if you have any doubts - ask your teacher.

You don`t have to pay a penny to do them so what are you waiting for?!